Hello and welcome to my treasure hunting Web site. I have enjoyed metal detecting on and off since 1989. I found my first metal detector for sale that year and have never stopped searching sense. Please take look around my site, I have some tips, information on local places to detect as well as a bit of local lore about South West Florida.

My first detector (back in 1989) was a White's Coinmaster TR, it had one knob and no discrimination but it whetted my appetite for metal detecting. Now 30 years later I still enjoy hitting the beach or park like I did back then, full of anticipation on what I will find next.

If you have any comments, suggestions or also detect in SouthWest Florida please send me a message from my Contact page, I would like to hear from you! Support the Maine Wildlife Videos and the programs they support.

My latest detector is the Beachhunter ID. I needed a water detector that could cancel out all those pesky bobby pins and bottlecaps.

Latest: My very first find with this detector was a ring (a junk ring, but still a ring). My second trip netted a 1920 wheat cent at 8" in wet salt sand.

I purchased this new CZ-70 for it's depth and ability to handle wet salt sand. I will be reporting on it's performance.

Latest: So far so good, I have pulled wheat cents from 8-10 inches at a local school yard. This detector has become my primary machine.

I use my White's PI for water hunting and diving. I also use it when I want to get extra depth in the wet salt sand.

Latest: A trip to the keys in June netted a handful of clad and some junk jewelry. I haven't used this detector since I bought my Beachhunter* ID but since it is the only machine I own that I can dive with it is staying in my arsenal. *The Beachhunter is only depth rated to 25 feet.

I use my Spectrum XLT in dry sand searches, heavy trash beaches, parks, schoolyards, etc. I must tell you this is one great machine!

Latest: I took a trip up to Saskatchewan, Canada to visit relatives and took my XLT with me. My finds included 1916 & 1944 wheat cents, a 1940 Canadian quarter, 1961 Canadian dime, 1948 and 1954 Canadian pennies.

I recently purchased a Tesoro Cutlass as a backup detector. I wanted a low cost yet powerful detector and that is exactly what I got. Extremely easy to use and great discrimination.

I have owned and used this detector since 1987. For the money ($225 at the time) it has been an excellent machine. **Note: I recently gave this machine to my brother, he loves it! In my humble opinion this an excellent choice for the beginning treasure hunter. The equivalent machine today is the Fisher 1225-X.

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