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White's Electronics
Tesoro Electronics
Fisher Labs
Garrett Electronics
Minelab Electronics
Troy Custom Metal Detectors - Shadow X2

My Local White's Dealer
Reilly's Treasured Gold
KellyCo Detectors
Streeter's Treasure Hunting Supply
Doc's Place - The Home of COILTEK U.S.A

Lost Treasure Magazine
Western and Eastern Treasures Magazine

Community Sites:
Metal Detecting Auction
Treasure Quest | Metal Detecting

Online Forums:
New UK Metal Detecting Forum
Treasure Quest | Metal Detecting Forum
FindMall Forums
Treasure Depot Forums
Treasure Net Forums

Mark's Metal Detecting Blog - (my new blog!)
The Treasure Beaches Report
This is a fantastic resource for those interested in detecting the treasure coast.

Florida State Parks
Information on Florida State Parks.
The Rocker Box
Online Source for recreational prospecting, treasure hunting, and
metal detecting - news, information, and equipment.

Northern Shipwrecks Database
The Northern Shipwrecks Database project is an inventory of more than
100,000 North American shipwrecks.

Treasure Hunter Depot
Treasure Hunting, Metal Detector Reviews, and Gold Prospecting Equipment
Reviews, News, Tips and even a few good Tricks

Personal Web Sites:
Clive's Gold Page
Clive James Clynick's Website. If you are a beach and/or water hunter, Clive's books are excellent resources.
Stout's Standards
Dick Stout's new website.
Jeff's Metal Detecting Site
Amazing Metal Detecting Hobby
Finds and information about the hobby of Metal Detecting,
from Vlad and Carol in Connecticut.

Jim's Metal Detecting Site

Club Web Sites:
Treasure Coast Archeological Society
W.S.A.S. Metal Detecting and Treasure Hunter's Club

More coming soon...
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I will not link to any web sites with offensive content.

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