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Please enjoy pictures of some of my finds. Sorry the image quality isn't the best on some of these.
The newer the pic the better the quality!

Here are some of my latest finds...

Surf PI Dual Field first finds
A few beach and park finds...

Clad coins... some need to be run through my tumbler... Coins

A few interesting finds... notice the old style razor, bullets, and old fork, remains of an old watch, the key is pretty common but had an interesting engraving on the other side. Interesting Items
Some Gold Finds

All at these finds were made at local beaches.

Coin Finds

A storm took out enough sand to uncover these coins at one
of my favorite beach spots, some of my best coins to date.

Night detecting at a home built in 1954 produced some early date memorial
pennies (1959,1961,1961) and this nice Silver Roosevelt dime.
Found with my XLT.

Detecting in a schoolyard that dated back to the 1920's uncovered this 1870 Spanish coin.
Found with my CZ-70.

Beach erosion uncovered my second oldest find to date, a 1906 Indian Head penny.
I also found a 1952 silver quarter and a nice religious medalion in the same area.
Found with my CZ-70.

Wheat Pennies
These were found on Naples area beaches. Unfortunately they are in bad shape from being buried in the sand for so long... Top penny is 1944, 1952 and 1955.
Found with my Surfmaster P.I. and XLT

I recovered this 1916 D Wheat Penny at a house built in 1904.
Found with my XLT.

Foreign Coins (Non-U.S.)
The large coins in the center are from Mexico.

All found on area beaches, the large ones in the top row are .50 cal. The smaller bullets in the second row are .30 cal. The round clumps in the third row are bullets before cleaning.

Fishing: Weights, Lures and Hooks
This is just a sampling, as I need them I move them into my tackle box...

The Importance of Beach Erosion
In December of 2004, after hurricane Charley and several other storms took out several feet of sand from one of my favorite beaches, myself and a detecting buddy hit a bonanza of deep coins, fishing tackle, fired bullets.

Detecting on Vacation

In August 2002 I took a trip to Canada to visit relatives, while there I was able to get out a few times with my XLT. Abandoned farm sites, old schools and little used churches are everywhere up there. Here is a picture of me detecting an abandoned farm site. Although it looks like a prime spot it was really tough detecting, tall grass, rock hard soil, tons of junk and high temperatures (in the 90's). I made some really great finds in other locations though, in particular my parent's yard which dates back to 1906.

Did an RV vacation up to Canda in June of 2011, did a little more detecting but only in my parents yard again. I was joined by three of my nephews and one niece who all helped with the detecting and digging. It was a lot of fun and we all made several nice finds including a 1964 silver Canadian dime, an old Royal Canadian Air Force button and some sort of old pendant, along with some assorted recent coins.

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