Everything you Need to Know about Increasing Page Speed

Page speed is not a direct ranking factor it indirectly it is related to the Google rankings. We have seen many times the slower site never rank in a good position even if they have the best content on them. Because users only wait for a site to load and it takes more time they jump to the next available result and Google is a business company they want to give their user the best.

We are the leading SEO company in Miami so it is our moral duty to aware people about page speed and its how they can increase their page speed and the different ways to check for it.

To check your site speed go to the google to the pagespeed insight tool on google. Google provide the tool for free to check the speed of any website over the internet. But it did not tell you much about your site speed for more deep information go the free tools like GT matrix.

LARGE IMAGES: Large pictures are the biggest of slow loading websites. Every site has multiple videos and images (HD or 3D). it is easy for content to load on time but images create a problem when they do not load and reducing the loading time.


RESIZING THE IMAGES: From resizing we mean you have pictures on your WordPress site that are extra large in size and cannot fit in the box even if they show properly on the screen. The solution to this problem is to reduce the image size in abode photoshop without compromising the quality.

COMPRESSING OR LOW QUALITY: Images are compressed and contain many unwanted things. Sometimes when you use image compressor it automatically compresses every image that you upload. You need to check every image by yourself to make sure they are the right quality image and compressor did not affect their quality.

BROWSER CASHING: This is an excellent feature that helps to load website faster as the name suggest it browse the content from the cache memory. When a use revisit your site your site loads faster because some data is already saved on their machine for 1 to 2 weeks this is called browser caching.

We suggest you to use world press cache plugins instead of messing with htaccess File. These plugins also do much more work for you like minifying java scripts, expire headers etc. Hire Miami Seo Company today to rank high in serp.