Immigration Lawyer i selected in Canada

In 2015, one of my Close friend went to Canada for holidays with his wife and two children. They book everything from here and everything was fine. Finally, they arrived in Canada and spent 1 week happily. Then in the second week, they realize that their passports are missing they search for them everywhere but did not find them anywhere not in the hotel room or in their bags.

They file a complaint about the missing passports but the police arrest them and send to the different area where they will stay for 2 days and after then will get deported back to their home country. He was very worried about the situation then a miracle happens and he met one of his old friends he told him everything. His friend suggests him talk to the immigration lawyers in Toronto.

Officers give him permission to make phone calls then and he gets the office phone number of the best immigration lawyer in Toronto and calls him, tell him everything that has happened to him and his family. Then after 12 hours, their lawyer comes to the place with the releasing order from the court. Officers realize them and he went to the embassy of his country and request to issue them the new passports. They get their new passports in 5 days and come back in a right way.

This is the reason I am telling you if you are going to Canada or to any other country always have the numbers of reputed immigration lawyers with you. Who knows when you need them. For more information on problems that newcomers are facing in Canada visit our website. We have many true stories published there which will make you understand that going and living abroad is not as easy as it looks like.

Immigration Lawyers in Toronto are always ready to help you out of any immigration problem. If you want to go there for a permanent basis then there are different rules which only a professional immigration lawyer knows. They study the immigration laws of the country. Do not go to the immigration consultant they have half knowledge which will be dangerous for you and your family. So go to the right people.